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Employer FAQs

How do I post jobs?
Just get in touch with us with the necessary job description and we will handle the rest.
Can candidates apply for my jobs without evaluation?
Yes we do offer this facility, but do not recommend it. The whole idea behind dProfiles is to help you automatically evaluate and rank candidates based on your criteria.
Is it possible to have subjective evaluation criteria?
Yes using our sophisticated dMatrix methodology it is possible to evaluate subjective responses. Not only that we can help you develop such subjective evaluation criteria and create the complete evaluation matrix for you.
We are looking for candidates from specific regions only, do we need to post our jobs on different sites.
With dProfiles you have the option of reaching out to a global pool of candidates without the hassle of using multiple channels. We can even help you push your job and source your candidates from a specific region at no extra cost.
We already have a job portal which we use to source resumes, Can we link up to dProfiles to evaluate these candidates?
Yes you can. It is possible to have candidates apply for your existing jobs and run through your evaluation criteria through dProfiles. Just get in touch in with us to enable this option.